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The 2018 Murrumbateman Field Days will be celebrating its 40th birthday on the October weekend of the 20th and 21st. From 23 exhibitors in 1979 to around 500 in 2016, the event is growing each year, attracting visitors from the surrounding area as well as further afield.

From small backyard city gardens to hobby farms and large acreages, the Murrumbateman Field Days provides the ideal opportunity for both agricultural and many different businesses to display products and services.

Exhibitors please note: All Field Days' transactions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Exhibitor Awards

The Murrumbateman Field Day Exhibitor Awards started in the 1990s with the Roger Lund Award – the late Roger Lund was a Machinery Officer with the then NSW Department of Agriculture based in Yass when the Field days started. He was one of the people behind getting the Field Days established and his achievement and contribution was acknowledged with this award.

The other four awards at the time were sponsored by The Land newspaper. These awards were for the best large site, best medium site, best small site and best marquee site.

In following years, the work of keen local gardener Vera Rapley was acknowledged through a Memorial Award along with an award for the best catering site. The best livestock site was instituted around the same time.

For 2017, these were awarded to select exhibitors at the field days who met the judging criteria. Congratulations to all our award winners and a special thank you to our sponsor The Land for the prizes. Photos and details of the winners will be posted on a 2017 photo gallery shortly.

The Exhibitor Award categories are:

  1. The Roger Lund Trophy, which is awarded to the best agricultural education site.
  2. Livestock – Awarded to the livestock site that best exemplifies ‘the rural lifestyle that we lead’ by providing advice and or product.
  3. The House and Home Products site - awarded to the exhibitor that provides house and home products and/or services that are applicable to the “rural life style we lead’.
  4. Environmental Sustainability – awarded to the exhibitor that provides the most comprehensive, practical and affordable ‘green solutions’ to the small rural landholder. 
  5. The Vera Rapley Memorial Award – awarded to the exhibitor that provides the best horticultural products and services that are applicable to the small rural land holder.
  6. Lifestyle – awarded to any exhibitor that provides lifestyle products and/or services that are applicable to the rural lifestyle we lead.
  7. Machinery and Vehicles – awarded to the machinery, vehicle or tool site that provides those products that are most likely to meet the needs of the small local rural landholder.
  8. Excellence in Catering Award.